Vimbai Zimuto – Ziso Rekona

Songstress and dancer Vimbai delivers stunning visuals for her latest song ‘Ziso Rekona’ that first premiered on ‘Coke On The Beat’. Her upbeat ‘Mbira’ inspired music video talks about the ancient way of dating. The old tradition of men asking the women to be their companions, even though times have changed where it is no longer the norm to do so, but she takes fans to that era where ‘everything was simple’. 

Although she is based in the Netherlands, she came back to Zimbabwe to shoot her music video. The multi-talented actress, choreographer of traditional and modern dance says that her song is inspired by culture, it makes sense for the songstress to come back to her roots and give the video the substance that it needs.

Love is such a beautiful thing and the ancient way of guys chasing after girls just tickles me. I know its now possible for females to ask for love from guys but I enjoy it when the guy does the asking. who is with me on this one.

Download: Vimbai Zimuto – Ziso Rekona


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