The Game Intervenes After Kids Selling Candy Get Hassled by Police

The Game Intervenes After Kids Selling Candy Get Hassled by Police
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The ‘Hate It or Love It’ rapper gives money to the kids who are being harassed by cops after someone reports that the boys are trying to get some quick cash.

AceShowbizThe Game came to the rescue of some young boys who are trying to hustle. On Sunday night, January 19, the Compton rapper helped a group of kids avoid getting into trouble with police for selling candy on the sidewalk.

The 40-year-old star was leaving Beauty & Essex restaurant when he saw the kids being harassed by cops. That’s when the “Hate It or Love It” hitmaker intervened. He gave them enough money to cover the amount of candy they were selling and let them keep the treats before sending them home.

In an interview with TMZ, The Game explained the situation, “We got kids out here that’s selling candy, you got the boys in blue that are trying to do their job, and you got me who’s giving jewels to the youth.”

He also shared some advice with the kids, which according to him sounded something like, “If you going to sell candy at night, there’s a way to do it. We don’t want you to get hit by the boys in blue. We want you to go home with your basket empty.”

According to the site, another business in the area called the cops and reported the kids for trying to get some quick cash a.k.a. soliciting near their establishment.

The Game, whose real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, was going to explain further when fellow rapper Freddie Gibbs crashed the interview to complain that the “boys in the blue” are always on him as well.

While The Game has made some good deeds with the kids, he’s not that nice with fellow rappers who frequently move from one relationship to another. In a January 15 tweet, he wrote, “N***as out here trading girlfriends like baseball cards *coughs*.”

Though he didn’t mention a name, many believed that his tweet was directed at Future, who has been flaunting his new romance with Lori Harvey. One commented on The Game’s message, “S**t before Future, Puff grabbed the ‘Harvey Baton’ from Justin. These h**s be batons lol.”

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