K. Michelle Won’t Join ‘LHH: Miami’ Because of ‘Crackheads’ Joseline Hernandez

K. Michelle Won't Join 'LHH: Miami' Because of 'Crackheads' Joseline Hernandez

When asked if she will be heading to ‘LHH: Miami’, which stars her foe, during a recent interview, the ‘All Monsters Are Human’ singer confidently answers, ‘Absolutely not.’

AceShowbizK. Michelle is one of those who found fame after starring on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop” franchise. The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” alum recently exited “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” as she moves to Miami. People might expect her to join “Love & Hip Hop: Miami“, but that will not be happening, at least as long as Michelle’s foe Joseline Hernandez is there.

When asked if she will be heading to “LHH: Miami” during a recent interview with Atlanta Black Star Michelle said, “Absolutely not.” Seemingly throwing a shade at Joseline, who makes a return to “LHH: Miami” this season, the “All Monsters Are Human” singer added, “I just don’t do well with crackheads. I don’t do well with drug addicts. I can’t.”

She went on saying, “They don’t take no responsibility. I’m in a new place in life. … If I know you on some stuff, then I’m just gone leave you there with the stuff.”

K. Michelle and the “Puerto Rican Princess” used to be good friends during their time on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”. Rumor had it, they were intimately involved at one point. Their friendly relationship, however, took a bad turn back in 2017 when Joseline was beefing with “LHH” producer Mona Scott-Young.

Joseline was mad when she found out that Michelle hang out with Mona at the then newly opened Puff & Petals lounge in Atlanta. “When y’all have to clique up. Lol y’all knows what’s good. Check yourself before you break yourself. I’m in your hood,” so she wrote, before suggesting that Michelle was a rat.

Clapping back, Michelle wrote back, “you was the same b***h tryna turn my mansion into the trap house. Snorting coke in my bathroom, b***h give that nose a rest. Puerto Crackhead, I got some time before my meet n gree H**. Shenellica Bettencourt, All the cocaine u do and u still manage to fine the time to stick your nose in my business.” She added, “You find time to come for me but u can’t comb that pretty little baby hair, what a disgrace.”

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