Cardi B Unimpressed After Doja Cat Mocks Her Song: “Do Anything For Clout”

Doja Cat is one of the most excentric youthful faces in the music industry. She blew up with her viral song “Mooo!” and as a consequence, she managed to maintain a big fanbase. Her followers are riding hard for her and she loves to play with them from moment to time. Doja was listening to Cardi B’s latest single “Press” during a recent live stream on Instagram when she chose to sing along. Only her imitation did not paint Bardi in the most flattering light. When the rap superstar came across the video reposted by DJ Akademiks, she wasn’t all too thrilled, noting that Doja Cat is attempting to get some clout off her.

While Doja Cat may have just messed with her fans, Cardi B didn’t laugh at the joke. Doja said at the end of her video that she was likely to be “canceled” as a consequence of her imitation, and it feels like Cardi is attempting to promote that. “Do anything for clout… Moo,” the rapper remarked within minutes of the live post. Since then the remark has been removed.

It doesn’t look like we’ll quickly get cooperation between these two. Are you on the Doja Cat squad or the Cardi B team?


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